Any person lirin or corporation wishing to offer for entry into American Samoa any plant material shall first obtain a permit from the department of agriculture for their importation. This permit shall detail the amount and kind of plant, point of origin method of transportation and type of treatment required, if any at point of origin. No plants or plant material shall be permitted entry if obtained from other than the indicated point of origin.

The schedule of fees for permits under this section shall be as follows:

(1) Import permits for plants and plant products:

(A) Individual permits- $3 permit;

(B) Block permits- $25 per year;

(C) For any access items not included in the import port, there shall be levied a fine of $5 per item upon arrival.

(2) Phytosanitary certificate-$1 per permit.

History: Ex. Ord. I. eff Jan 55. Plant and Animal Quar. Regs. Part 3 § 4; and Rule 6-84. eff I May 84. (part).