No person shall dispose of combustible material by open burning, or ignite, cause to be ignited, permit to be ignited, or maintain any open fire within the territorial limits of American Samoa, except as follows:

(1) Open fires for the cooking of food for human consumption on other than commercial premises;

(2) Fires for recreational or ceremonial purposes;

(3) Fires to abate a fire hazard, providing a hazard is declared by the fire department or fire district having jurisdiction in the area;

(4) Fires for prevention or control of disease or pests;

(5) Fires for training personnel in the methods of fighting fires in compliance with 24.0511(1);

(6) Fires for the disposal of dangerous materials, but only where there is no alternate method of disposal and such burning is approved in advance by the executive secretary;

(7) Agricultural burning;

(8) Other open burning as deemed necessary and approved in advance by the executive secretary.

History: 2005