24.0532 Transmission of information to the USEPA.

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(a) If the air pollution emission source is a federal oversight source:

(1) The executive secretary shall submit to the USEPA Administrator a copy of each proposed and final stationary air pollution source permit, including administrative permit amendments;

(2) The owner or operator shall simultaneously submit to the USEPA Administrator a copy of all stationary air pollution source permit applications, including any applications for renewals and amendments reflecting modifications submitted to the Commission;

(3) By agreement with the USEPA Administrator or pursuant to federal regulation, the executive secretary may waive the requirements of this section, or submit summaries for specific categories of non-major air pollution emission sources.

(b) For all other stationary air pollution sources, the Commission may at any time require the owner or operator to submit to the USEPA Administrator a copy of any permit compliance certification, or records required to be kept under the permit.

(c) The Commission shall maintain records on all air pollution control permit applications, compliance plans, proposed and final permits, and other relevant information for a minimum of five years.

History: 2005