24.0615 Storage display and sales of pesticides.

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(a) No pesticide shall be stored, displayed, placed foe-sale, or transported under conditions where food and food containers, feed or any other products are likely to become contaminated and may create a hazard or cause injury to humans, vegetation, crops livestock wildlife, beneficial insects and aquatic life.

(b) Pesticides labeled for pest control in lawns and gardens and other outdoor uses shall be offered for sale only in garden supply centers or in other retail outlets that have separate and distinct sections For sale. Such lawn and garden pesticide products shall also be displayed and sold in a separate section from other home and garden pesticide products formulated and registered for use inside the home. A prominent sign with legible bold print not less than one-half inch in height to read “PESTICIDE PRODUCTS FOR GARDEN AND LAWN” or “OUTDOOR USE ONLY IT IS UNLAWFUL AND NIAY BE HAZARDOUS TO USE INSIDE YOUR HOME”, shall be posted in the area where such lawn and garden pesticide products are displayed and sold.

(c) After December 31. 1980, no restricted use pesticides shall be sold to any person who is not certified as an applicator.

History: Rule 3-85 , eff 9 Jul 85. § 9.