24.0712 Notification requirements.

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(a) Any owner who brings an underground storage tank system in to use after May 8, 1986, must within 30 days of bringing such tank into use, submit, in the form prescribed in Appendix I of this chapter, a notice of existence of such tank system to the implementing agency to receive such notice.

(b) Owners required to submit notices under paragraph (a) of this section must provide notices to the implementing agency for each tank they own. Owners may provide notice for several tanks using one notification form, but owners who own tanks located at more than one place of operation must file a separate notification form for each separate place operation.

(c) All owners and operator s of new UST systems must certify in the notification compliance with the following requirements:

(1) Installation of tanks and piping under 24.0710(f);

(2) Cathodic protection of steel tanks and piping under 24.0710(a) and (b);

(3) Financial responsibility under Subchapter G of this chapter; and

(4) Release detection under 24.0741

(d) All owners and operators of new UST systems must ensure that the installer certifies in the notification form that the methods used to install the tanks and piping complies with requirements in 24.0710(f)

(e) Beginning October 24,1988, any person who sells a tank intended to be used as an underground storage tank must notify the purchaser of such tank of the owner’s notification obligations under paragraph (a) of this section.

History: Rule 3-01, eff 30 Aug 01.