24.0721 Operation and maintenance of corrosion protection.

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All owners and operators of steel UST systems with corrosion protection must comply with the following requirements to ensure that releases due to corrosion are prevented for as long as the UST system is used to stored regulated substances:

(1) All corrosion protection systems must be operated and maintained to continuously provide corrosion protection to the metal components of that portion of the tank and piping that routinely contain regulated substances and are in contact with the ground.

(2) All UST systems equipped with cathodic protection systems must be inspected for proper operation by a qualified cathodic protection tester in accordance with the following requirements:

(A) Frequency. All cathodic protection systems must be tested within 6 months of installation and at least every 3 years thereafter or according to another reasonable time frame established by the implementing agency; and

(B) Inspection criteria. The criteria that are used to determine that cathodic protection is adequate as required by this section must be in accordance with a code of practice developed by a nationally recognized association.

Note: National Association of Corrosion Engineers Standard RP-02-85, “Corrosion on Metallic Buried, Partially Buried, or Submerged Liquid Storage Systems,” may be used to comply with paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

(3) UST systems with impressed current cathodic protection system must also be inspected every 60 days to ensure the equipment is running properly.

(4) For UST systems using cathodic protection, records of the operation of the operation of the cathodic protection must be maintained (in accordance with 24.0724) to demonstrate compliance with the performance standards in this section. These records must provide the following:

(A) The result of the last three inspection required in paragraph (3) of this section; and

(B) The results of testing from the last two inspections required in paragraph (2) of this section.

History: Rule 3-01, eff 30 Aug 01.