(a) Owners and operators of new and existing UST systems must provide a method, or combination of methods, of release detection that:

(1) Can detect a release from any portion of the tank and the connected underground that routinely contains product.

(2) Is installed, calibrated, operated, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, including routine maintenance and service checks for operability or running condition; and

(3) Meets the performance requirements in 24.0742 or 24.0743 with any performance claims and their manner of determination described in writing by the equipment manufacturer or installer. In addition, methods used after December 22, 1990 except for methods permanently installed prior to that prior to that date, must be capable of detecting the leak rate or quantity specified for that method in 24.0742,(2), (3), and

(4) or 24.0743(1) and (2) with a probability of detection of 0.95 and a probability of false alarm of 0.05.

(b) When a release detection method operated in accordance with the performance standards in 24.0742 and 24.0743 indicates a release may have occurred, owners and operators must notify the implementing agency in accordance with 24.0750.

(c) Owners and operators of all UST systems must comply with the release detection requirements of this subchapter by the enactment of this rule.

History: Rule 3-01, eff 30 Aug 01.