(a) All persons who are involved with the handling, treatment, storage, or cleanup of hazardous or toxic wastes, pesticides, or hazardous substances as discussed in these standards and regulations shall have the level of knowledge required to perform their tasks safely and in a way that preserves the environment. Before engaging in these activities, such persons shall receive the following training to ensure that they are able to perform their tasks in an environmentally safe manner:

(1) For workers engaged in processes that generate hazardous waste and whose duties are limited to collection and staging waste, employers shall provide a basic course on the properties and dangers of hazardous waste and on proper handling procedures and emergency-response procedures;

(2) For workers engaged in managing the collection and the storage or disposal of hazardous waste and for the workers engaged in storage, treatment, or disposal activities, employers shall provide training which covers the basic course material, including specialized training in the requirements for treatment, storage, and disposal;

(3) For the workers and managers whose responsibilities include responding to releases and cleaning up of releases of hazardous materials and wastes, employers shall provide the basic treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) course and additional training in the proper and safe methods for responding to releases and for cleaning up contaminated soil and water;

(4) For the workers engaged in transporting or preparing hazardous waste for transport, employers shall provide training to ensure that their personnel can safely prepare hazardous wastes for transport in accordance with section 24.0821 and sections 24.0830 through 24.0833, as applicable.

(b) The employee’s supervisor shall certify the training, and records shall be maintained in the personnel department or at the work site for each individual who requires training. Records of the training shall be maintained for as long as the employee performs the duties for which the training was required or for 10 years, whichever comes first.

(c) Annual refresher training in hazardous waste, pollution control, treatment methods, spill response and cleanup, and emergency procedures shall be conducted for all personnel who are required to receive the initial training. Information on the annual refresher training shall be noted in the training records, and records shall be maintained according to the requirements of subsection (b) of this section.

History: Rule 02-01, eff 30 Aug 01.