24.0813 Transportation- -General requirements.

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(a) Transport of hazardous materials to, from, and within this territory shall be conducted under USDOT regulations (49 CFR 172), including regulations for using labels (Subpart E), placards (Subpart F), markings (Subpart D) and containers (49 CFR 178, Subpart J).

(b) Hazardous materials shall be transported to and within the territorial limits of American Samoa using only containers approved by the USDOT and which are compatible with the materials being transported. No container shall be used that is leaking, has deteriorated significantly as a result of rust, is bulging from over-pressure, or is damaged in such a way that materials are liable to leak. Containers that are unacceptable for transport shall be placed in containers approved by USDOT under 49 CFR part 178, or the materials transferred to a container approved by USDOT regulations.

(c) Vehicles and vessels used for transport shall be appropriately sized and shall be compatible with the material being transported and shall be clean and free of debris. General use cargo shall be compatible with the materials being transported and in no case shall incompatible materials be transported on the same vehicle or vessel. Transporters shall ensure that any residues left in the transport equipment is removed and disposed of properly.

(d) Transport equipment shall be identified by signs that are visible on both sides of the vehicle or vessel. The signs shall comply with the requirements of USDOT regulations at 49 CFR 172.101, which are hereby incorporated by reference, and shall indicate the hazard classes of the materials transported. The sizes of the signs shall conform to USDOT regulations at 49 CFR 172.300, which are hereby incorporated by reference, and shall be bilingual (English and Samoan).

(e) Vehicles and vessels transporting hazardous materials shall carry emergency response equipment necessary and sufficient for the initial control of a spill or release, such as absorbent booms and material, rags, fire extinguishers, brooms, and shovels. In the event of a spill or release, the vehicle or vessel operator shall be responsible for notifying ASEPA and DPS and for making the initial response until a qualified HAZMAT response team arrives.

History: Rule 02-01, eff 30 Aug 01.