24.0816 Storage—Hazardous materials and petroleum products.

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(a) Hazardous materials

(1) Hazardous materials shall be segregated in an environmentally controlled building in accordance with NFPA specifications or with charts and literature on chemical compatibility. Segregation considerations shall include, at a minimum, categories for flammability, combustibility, corrosivity (Ph-specific), poisons, explosives, reactivity, and toxicity.

(2) A current copy of the MSDS, as noted in section 24.0810, shall be on file before hazardous material issued from the hazardous material facility is used. A copy of the MSDS for each product shall be kept at least at the storage facility.

(b) Petroleum-product storage tanks. In addition to the requirements of 24.0701 et seq. ASAC, tanks used for storing petroleum products shall meet the following requirements:

(1) A tank shall not be used for storing oil unless its material and construction are compatible with the stored material and the conditions of storage;

(2) Visible oil leaks that could result in a loss of oil from tank seams, gaskets, rivets, and bolts in amounts sufficiently large to cause oil to accumulate in diked areas or secondary containment areas shall be corrected promptly;

(3) Mobile or portable oil-storage tanks or drums shall be positioned or located in a way that prevents spilled oil from reaching waters of American Samoa and supplies fresh water (i.e., not over the lens wells or in catchment areas). Secondary means of containment shall be applied as required under 24.0704 ASAC.

(4) Testing, inspections and installation of all underground and above ground storage tanks shall be carried out according to the provisions of 24.0701 et seq. ASAC.

History: Rule 02-01, eff 30 Aug 01.