24.0822 Manifest requirements-Generators.

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(a) A generator who transports, or offers for transportation, hazardous waste for off-site treatment, storage, or disposal must prepare a “Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest” on USEPA form 8700-22 (Appendix B-1), and, if necessary, on USEPA form 8700-22A (Appendix B-2), according to the instructions in the appendix to 40 CFR 262 (Appendix B-3). Appendices B-1, B-2, and B-3 shall be appended hereto and incorporated by reference in these regulations. The generator shall designate on the manifest a facility permitted to handle that waste described on the manifest.

(b) The generator must prepare sufficient copies of the manifest to provide the generator, each transporter, and the designated facility with one copy each. For each manifest used by the generator, the generator must:

(1) sign the manifest certification by hand;

(2) obtain the handwritten signature of the initial transporter and date of acceptance on the manifest;

(3) retain one copy of the manifest

(c) In the event the transporter is unable to deliver the waste to the designated facility, the generator must designate another facility or instruct the transporter to return the waste.

(d) For shipments of hazardous waste that are transported to the United States solely by water (bulk shipments only), the generator shall send three copies of the manifest dated and signed in accordance with this section to the owner or operator of the designated facility or the last water transporter to handle the waste in the United States if exported by water. Copies of the manifest are not required for each transporter.

(e) Content of the manifest. The manifest prepared by the generator shall contain the following information:

(1) Type of waste.

(2) Name of waste.

(3) Hazard class of waste.

(4) Amount of waste in gallons or pounds.

(5) Information on compatibility of hazardous wastes.

(6) Hazardous-waste code.

(7) Flashpoint of waste.

(8) Ph of waste.

(9) Handling precautions.

(10) Cleanup procedures.

(11) Required response equipment.

(12) Emergency telephone numbers and contact points for local fire, environment and safety personnel.

(13) Name of the generator of the waste.

(14) Special storage requirements.

(15) Disposal restrictions or requirements.

(16) Designated destination of the waste and alternative destination.

History: Rule 02-01, eff 30 Aug 01.