24.0913 Rose Atoll National Wildlife Refuge (RANWR).

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In conjunction with the existing federal regulations, the following activities are prohibited within RANWR, the boundaries of which incorporate all lands within the extreme low water line of the outside perimeter reef except at the entrance channel where the boundary is a line extended between the extreme low waterlines on each side of entrance channel.

(a) No person shall gather, take, break, cut, damage, destroy or possess any invertebrate, shellfish, coral, bottom formation, or marine plant. This includes but is not limited to the taking of spiny lobster, slipper lobster, and tridacnid clams.

(b) No person shall take or attempts to take fish.

(c) No person shall enter RANWR without a special use permit, obtainable at DMWR.

History: DMWR regs., eff 3 Aug 95; Rule 02-12, eff 1 Nov 12.

Amendments: 2012, renumbering.