(a) A commercial fishing license is required for all fishermen engaged in commercial fishing in the waters of American Samoa. Persons who wish to apply for a commercial fishing license must:

(1) Continuously reside in American Samoa for at least one year,

(2) Show proof of legal residency or citizenship, and

(3) Show proof of previous fishing experience.

(b) License applications shall be submitted to the director on forms supplied by the department.

(c) A recreational fishing license may be required for fishermen engaging in subsistence or recreational fishing activities. Requirements for the license shall be detailed in the annual proclamation.

(d) A license shall be issued or renewed upon approval of the application form and payment of the required Act.

(e) The director or his designees may suspend or revoke any license for violation of any regulation under this chapter pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act.

(f) The director may disapprove the application of any required license if in his opinion the issuance of the license would be contrary to 24.0304(1) A.S.C.A. which mandates the department to manage, protect, preserve and perpetuate the marine and wildlife resources in the Territory.

(g) Fees for licenses shall be set in the annual proclamation.

History: DMWR regs., eff 3 Aug 95; Rule 02-12, eff 1 Nov 12.

Amendments: 2012, renumbering.