The American Samoa Islands and its surrounding waters contain historical, cultural, and natural resources that must be protected, managed, controlled and preserved for the benefit of all people of the Territory and future generations. The protection of these traditionally valuable resources will enhance and increase fish abundance and size for future catch.

(a) To promote the protection and preservation of the American Samoa’s Marine environment;

(b) To promote the management, conservation and sustainable development ofAmerican Samoa’s Coral Reefs and their supporting ecosystems;

(c) To enhance sustainable fisheries in American Samoa;

(d) To empower, allow and assist local Villages in all aspects of the Village Marine Protected Area management including, but not limited to designation, protection, monitoring and enforcement of the Village Marine Protected Areas; and

(e) The institution of management programs to ensure that the Territory and its surrounding waters are safe habitats for Fish, shellfish and other marine life to exist and propagate for the continued use and enjoyment for the people of American Samoa, its future generations and visitors.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 2008.