24.1004 Village Participation in the Community-based Fisheries Management Program.

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To participate in the Community-based Fisheries Management Program a Village must do the following:

(a) Notify the Department of the Village’s intent to participate;

(b) Meet with the proper representatives from the Department;

(c) Develop and implement Village by-laws for the conservation and management of the Village Marine Protected Area using the management options provided by this Community-based Fisheries Management Program or other management options recommended by the Department;

(d) Develop a Village Fisheries Management Plan

(e) Designate a Village Marine Protected Area that is properly within the boundaries of the Village;

(f) Select members for a Village Monitoring and Enforcement Committee;

(g) Mark the Village Marine Protected Area;

(h) Sign a cooperative agreement with DMWR to work together on the program;

(i) Receive training from the Department for the individuals of the Village Monitoring and Enforcement Committee who will monitor the Village’s Marine Protected Area;

(j) Provide Notice of the designation of theVillage Marine Protected Area and Village by-laws to the public of American Samoa as required by the Administrative Procedures Act and these regulations; and

(k) Notify the Department of the Village’s intent to open, re-open, close or re-close any Village Marine Protected Area.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 2008.