The following methods and procedures are authorized and available to enforce the provisions of this Community-based Fisheries Management Program.

(a) The Director may deputize and otherwise authorize a Village’s Pulenu’u and one Village policeman to issue citations under the Community-based Fisheries Management Program.

(1) All persons to be deputized or authorized under this subsection shall receive full and proper training from the Department in the issuance of citations.

(2) The Village shall not have any power or authority to enforce any citation issued. Only the Department may enforce and pursue any citations issued for violations of the Community-based Fisheries Management Program or the Village by-laws.

(3) The original and all copies citations issued by the individual(s) authorized in this subsection (a) shall be submitted to the Department the next business day after issuance of the citation.

(b) The Department may issue citations and enforce any provision of the Community-based Fisheries Management Program and any provision of the Village by-laws.

(c) As a method of enforcement, the Department, in its sole discretion, may:

(i) Issue and enforce a citation;

(ii) Issue a warning; or

(iii) Seize any or all equipment(s) relevant to the violation

(iv) Take no action.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 2008.