24.1102 Season, Hunting areas, fees and Bag limits.

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(a) Each year, the director of the department shall issue a proclamation establishing the following for the taking of wildlife:

(1) Seasons,

(2) Hunting areas,

(3) License and permit fees, and

(4) Bag limits.

(b) Annual proclamations shall be effective beginning on January 1st through December 31st of each year, or until superseded by further proclamation of the director.

(c) Copies of the current proclamation will be made available at the department office in Fagatogo.

(d) Any taking of wildlife, including hunting and trapping, not expressly allowed in the proclamation or otherwise permitted by law is prohibited.

History: Rule 5-95, eff. 25 July 95; Rule 3-12, eff. 1 Nov 12.

Amendments: 2012, changed chapter number from 08 to 11.