The following words and phrases, as used in this article, shall mean:

(a) ” Approved product” means any item of frozen food produced in plants sanctioned by a competent regulatory authority which has been transported, delivered, received, or stored while being maintained in accordance with this article and not having been thawed and/or refrozen unless determined by the director of health to be safe for consumption.

(b) “Frozen foods” means any item of food or food product intended for human consumption which has been preserved by any method or process of freezing.

(c) “Wholesale and retail distributors” means all public and private establishments, firms, corporations, markets, supermarkets, groceries, sundries, private and public clubs, restaurants, cafeterias, short-order cafes, luncheonettes, taverns, sandwich stands, soda fountains, kitchens, including wholesale dealers or agents, retail outlets to the public, and all other places in which frozen foods may be stored or offered for sale.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 2, eff 7 Jan 64, Part 1 § 1.