Every meat market shall have sufficient floor area to accommodate all the necessary operations. All floors shall be of smooth concrete, tile, or similar impervious material. Where drains are used, they must be trapped and shall connect with the sanitary sewerage system. Clean, sifted sawdust may be used on the floor, provided it is changed often enough to keep them in a clean and sanitary condition. Stored materials, meat, meat products and other foods, machinery, and merchandise shall be at least 8 inches above the floor, and so protected as not to interfere with cleaning of floors. Dry cleaning of floors shall not be permitted. Cleaning should be by washing, mopping, or sweeping, with water, moist sawdust, or sweeping compound. During this cleaning, all meat and meat products shall be covered or otherwise protected from dust and dirt.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 4 eff 13 Aug 64, § 3.