25.0137 Cleaning of utensils and equipment.

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(a) All counters, blocks, or other equipment upon which meat or meat products are handled shall be thoroughly cleaned at least once each day and as much or as often as necessary to keep them clean and sanitary. No trays, racks, meat racks, or containers shall be reused without thorough washing. All knives, saws, cleavers, grinders, and other tools, and utensils and machinery used in handling, cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing, or otherwise processing the meat or meat products, shall, at least once each day, be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with hot water and a suitable soap, washing powder, or other detergent.

(b) All meat blocks shall be free from holes, cracks, and crevices, and shall be kept clean by some effective method. No oilcloth or newspaper shall be used on any counter, table, or shelf where meat or meat products are handled, and clean, new wrapping paper only shall be used in weighing the products upon sale.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 4, eff 13 Aug 64, § 8.