(a) The water supply shall be running, ample, clean, and potable, with adequate facilities for its distribution in the plant and its protection against contamination and pollution. Every establishment shall make known and, whenever required, shall afford opportunity for inspection of the system. Equipment using potable water shall be so installed as to prevent back-siphonage into the potable water system.

(b) An ample supply of water at not less than 180 degrees Fahrenheit shall be furnished and used for the cleaning of equipment, floors, walls, and the like, which are subject to contamination by the dressing or handling of diseased carcasses, their viscera, and parts.

(c) Hot water for cleaning rooms and equipment other than those mentioned in subsection (b) of this section shall be delivered under pressure to sufficient, convenient outlets and shall be of such temperature as to accomplish thorough cleanup.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 5, eff 23 Sep 64, § 6.