25.0158 Insect and vermin control.

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Every practicable precaution shall be taken to keep the abattoir free from flies, rats, mice, and other vermin. Compartments where edible products are handled shall be adequately screened so as to keep them free from flies. Insecticides and methods of application must be approved by the director of health or his agents. The construction of new buildings shall include all necessary provisions for preventing the ingress and egress of rats. The use of poisons for any purpose in rooms or compartments where any unpacked meat product is stored or handled is forbidden, except under such restriction or precautions as the director of health prescribes. The use of bait poisons in hide cellars, inedible compartments, outbuildings, or similar places, or in storerooms containing canned or tierced products is not forbidden, but so-called rat viruses shall not be used in any part of the abattoir or premises thereof.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 5, eff 23 Sep 64, § 9.