25.0168 Edible-product room separating-Other premises-Grease traps.

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The rooms and compartments used for edible products shall be separate and distinct from those used for inedible products. All operating and storage rooms and departments of abattoirs used for inedible products shall be kept in acceptably clean condition. The outer premises of every abattoir, unloading docks and areas where vehicles are loaded, and the driveways, approaches, yards, pens, and alleys, shall be properly drained and kept in clean and orderly condition. All catch basins and grease traps shall be so constructed and located to ensure proper attention in order to keep them in a clean and operative condition. Fly breeding shall be strictly prevented and all material in which flies may breed shall be kept in fly-tight containers until removal from the premises. No nuisance shall be allowed in any abattoir or on its premises.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 5, eff 23 Sep 64, § 19.