(a) Allocation of stalls will be assigned on a “first paid, first serve ” basis.

(b) No selling of produce is allowed until rental payment is made.

(c) No seller will be allowed to sell any goods at the market until he has paid any and all previous debts for stall usage to the appropriate market attendant.

(d) Each farmer is limited to the use of one stall at a time, except that he may rent additional stalls if they are available and at the discretion of the market manager.

(e) Each farmer must be present at his stall at all times for proper office recording.

(f) Each seller is responsible for the cleaning of his stall and surrounding areas during and after the selling of produce.

(g) The sale of any food or beverages for immediate consumption is prohibited; however, such sales will be allowed on national holidays under such terms and conditions as the market manager may set forth.

(h) The same rules shall apply for the rental of booths.

History: Rule 6-84, eff 1 May 84, (part).