The rental rates for the market shall be as follows:

(a) Stalls-all stalls shall rent for $2 per day /per stall.

(b) Booths-all booths shall rent for $15 per week/per booth.

(c) Fish booth-a fish booth shall rent for $2.50 per table/per fisherman.

(d) Other market space-$1.50 per seller per day, in such location and manner as is determined by the market manager.

(e) Cooler-the cooler, which is opened at 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. only, shall be available for rent at $2 per piece/per night.

(f) Bake sales-the rate shall be $10 per group per day.

(g) Bingo-the rate shall be $200 per night per game. Receipts should be presented to the market attendant(s) before each game begins and all payments must be made at the revenue office.

History: Rule 6-84, eff 1 May 84, (part).