(1) Location

(a) Well sites shall be on ground that is not subject to ponding or flooding. In general, the slope of the ground surface in the vicinity of the well site shall be away from the well, if practical. For level areas, well-tamped earth shall be placed around the well so as to elevate the platform or apron.

(b) As far as is practical, when the direction of ground water flow is known, wells shall be located on the upstream side of the possible sources of pollution and as far from these sources as practical.

(2) Surface Seal

Wells drilled by any method shall have, at minimum, the top 20 feet of the annular space between the boring and the casing sealed by the use of a neat cement grout. The top of the casing shall be sealed to exclude influent.

(3) Well Head

The well head shall be constructed to exclude influent from entering the well and shall, at a minimum, have the following features:

(a) Protection from the elements;

(b) Pump to waste valve;

(c) Sampling tap for raw water;

(d) Flow meter;

(e) Check valve;

(f) Pressure gauge;

(g) Sounding tube or other casing access port, sealed when not used;

(h) Turned down screened vents on all air relief valves;

(i) Well slab of 6ft by 6ft by 6in thick concrete;

(j) Fence, 6ft high, locked, with appropriate security;

(k) Chlorination, automatic flow-paced;

(l) Sanitary well seal;

(m) Solid casing (non-perforated) extending a minimum of one foot (12 inches) above the finished well slab grade.

(4) Pump pits

Constructing a well head in a below grade pump pit is not allowed.

(5) Well Abandonment

Wells no longer in use shall be plugged in a manner approved by the Director of AS-EPA and ASPA water supply engineer. Capping the casing top is insufficient.

(6) Infiltration galleries and dug wells

Dug wells, infiltration galleries, and other such sources of water supply requiring rearrangement of natural features will automatically be considered suspect of being under the direct influence of surface water and will be subject to applicable surface water treatment regulations.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.