25.0403.7 Approval of Construction.

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(1) A person or entity shall not operate a newly constructed facility until an Approval of Construction is issued by AS-EPA.

(2) AS-EPA shall not issue an Approval of Construction on a newly constructed public water system, an extension to an existing public water system, or any alteration of an existing public water system that affects its treatment, capacity, water quality, flow, distribution, or other operational performance characteristic unless the following requirements are met:

(a) A registered professional engineer or a person under the direct supervision of a registered professional engineer has completed a final inspection and submitted a Certificate of Completion on a form approved by AS-EPA to which the seal and signature of the registered professional engineer have been affixed;

(b) The construction conforms to approved engineering drawings and specifications, as indicated in the Certificate of Completion, and all changes have been documented by the submission of As-Built drawings;

(c) Quality control testing results and calculations, including pressure and microbiological testing, and disinfectant residual records, shall be submitted with the Engineer’s Certificate of Completion together with field notes and the name of the individual witnessing the tests.

(d) AS-EPA has verified that the construction conforms to the approved engineering drawings and specifications;

(e) An operations and maintenance manual has been submitted and approved by AS-EPA if construction includes a new water treatment facility; and

(f) An operator, who is certified per Section 25.0404 at a grade appropriate for each facility, is employed to operate each water treatment plant and each potable water distribution system.

(3) AS-EPA reserves the right to inspect all construction operations including the final inspection required in subsection (2)(a). The public water system must:

(a) Notify AS-EPA at least 7 days before beginning construction on a public water system installation, change, or addition that is authorized by an Approval to Construct;

(b) Notify AS-EPA of completion of construction at least 10 working days before the expected completion date;

(c) Notify AS-EPA of key construction operations and allow time for AS-EPA to dispatch an inspector prior to final cover so that an adequate inspection can be made.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.