25.0406 Emergency Operations Plan.

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(1) The water supplier for a public water system shall develop and keep an emergency operations plan in an easily accessible location. At a minimum, the emergency operations plan shall detail the steps that the public water system will take to assure continuation of service in the following emergency situations:

(a) Loss of a source;

(b) Loss of water supply due to major component failure;

(c) Damage to power supply equipment or loss of power;

(d) Contamination of water in the distribution system from backflow;

(e) Collapse of a reservoir, reservoir roof, or pumphouse structure;

(f) A break in a transmission or distribution line; and

(g) Chemical or microbiological contamination of the water supply.

(2) The emergency operations plan required by subsection (1) shall address all of the following:

(a) Provision of alternate sources of water during the emergency;

(b) Notice procedures for regulatory agencies, news media, and users;

(c) Disinfection and testing of the distribution system once service is restored;

(d) Identification of critical system components that shall remain in service or be returned to service quickly;

(e) Critical spare parts inventory;

(f) Staff training in emergency response procedures; and

(g) Coordination with AS-EPA and other emergency preparedness agencies in American Samoa.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.