(1) All hauled water for delivery to a public water system shall be obtained from a source that is a regulated public water system.

(2) Materials or products which come into contact with the water shall comply with 25.0403.4.

(3) Roof hatches on water transport containers shall be fitted with a watertight cover.

(4) A bottom drain valve or other provisions to allow complete drainage and cleaning of a water transport container shall be provided.

(5) Hoses which are used to deliver drinking water shall be equipped with a cap and shall remain capped when not in use.

(6) A water hauler shall, at all times, maintain a free chlorine residual of 0.2 mg/l to 1.0 mg/l in the water that is hauled in a water transport container. A chlorine disinfectant shall be added at the time water is loaded into the container. The free chlorine residual shall be measured each time water is off-loaded from the container. The water hauler shall maintain a log of all on-loading, chlorine disinfectant additions, and free chlorine residual measurements. Such records shall be maintained for at least three years and be made available to AS-EPA for review upon request.

(7) A water transport container shall be for hauling drinking water only. The container shall be plainly and conspicuously labeled “For Drinking Water Use Only.”

(8) A water transport container shall be thoroughly disinfected prior to being put into service. Disinfection must be performed in accordance with AWWA storage tank disinfection procedures or other method accepted by AS-EPA. A total coliform bacteria sample must be analyzed to verify proper disinfection. Chlorinated water from the disinfection procedure shall not be discharged into or adjacent to a stream or other water body.

History: Rule 1-08, eff 1 Jun 08.