25.0504 Limitations to collection by solid waste crews.

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(a) The department or a licensed collector will not collect

(1) Any soil, rock, concrete, explosives, liquids, radioactive materials, construction and demolition solid waste, trees, branches, hedges and plant cuttings, leaves, palm and coconut branches, banana stalks, vines, weeds and other similar materials;

(2) any solid waste not prepared for collection as provided by 25.0503;

(3) any solid waste not placed for collection as provided by 25.0503;

(4) any solid waste placed for collection in a place which is unsafe and hazardous or is likely to cause injury to the persons collecting said solid waste;

(5) any solid waste from any business where the owner thereof shall have failed to pay the service charges hereinafter provided for;

(6) any infectious waste, except as provided in 25.0506(d).

(b) If a licensed collector does not collect solid waste for any of the reasons set forth in subsection (a), the licensed collector shall provide written notice of the reason for non-collection to the owner and submit a copy thereof to the director.

History: Rule 10-88, eff 9 Oct 88. § 1.