25.0523 Conditions of solid waste collection licenses.

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Every solid waste collection license issued under this article shall be subject to the following conditions:

(a) All vehicles used by the licensed collector for the collection of solid waste shall be so designed and constructed as to prevent the spilling and scattering of its contents upon the public streets. All such vehicles and equipment shall be kept in a clean, inoffensive and sanitary condition. The name of the licensed collector shall be visibly and clearly marked on the left side of all such vehicles in letters not less than 2 inches in height. Vehicles shall not be loaded in excess of the gross vehicle weight.

(b) All solid waste shall be handled and transported by the licensed collector in such a manner as to prevent scattering, spilling or leaking of the same and to otherwise avoid committing a nuisance or violation of any law or rule of the government. The licensed collector shall immediately gather up and remove any solid wastes which the licensed collector or any of his employees has scattered, spilled or leaked.

(c) All solid waste collected by the licensed collector shall be disposed of at a disposal facility designated by the director and approved by the director of health and the executive secretary.

(d) All vehicles used by the licensed collector for the collection of solid waste and all drivers of such vehicles shall be licensed as provided by law.

(e) The licensed collector shall not violate any provisions of this chapter or any law relating to the collection and disposal of solid waste within the territory.

History: Rule 10-88, eff 9 Oct 88, § 1.