25.0544 Disposal charges.

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(a) For the receipt and disposal of solid wastes delivered to disposal facilities, the following unit charges shall apply:

(1) For garbage and rubbish, $1 per cubic yard or fraction thereof. The minimum charge per truckload shall be $3.

(2) For derelict vehicles, $25 each to dispose in disposal facilities approved by the director.

(3) For all other special wastes, industrial wastes, and construction and demolition wastes, in such amounts as are approved by the director.

(b) Except when the licensed operator and licensed collector delivering wastes to a disposal facility owned or leased by the government are the same entity, licensed operators shall issue to each hauler, including licensed collectors of wastes, a written receipt which shall include the type and quantity of wastes received at the disposal facility and the amount of the disposal charges therefor to be paid to the treasurer and which shall be signed by both the licensed operator and hauler. Licensed operators shall weekly submit copies of all receipts to the treasurer, who shall monthly send invoices to the haulers for amounts shown on the receipts.

History: Rule 10-88. eff 9 Oct 88. § 1.