26.0407 Development permits-Flood-damage minimization-Data development.

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(a) As part of its review of applications for permits for development which impact the American Samoa coastal zone, the office of development planning shall determine if the site of the proposed development is reasonably safe from flooding and that all necessary permits have been received as required by federal or territorial law.

(b) In reviewing all applications for new development, the office of development plan¬ning shall:

(1) obtain and review and reasonably utilize, available, any regulatory flood elevation data from federal, territorial, or other sources until such data is provided by the Office of Insurance and. Mitigation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in a flood insurance study; and will require within areas designated as Zone A on the official map that theist floor elevation of new residential structures be elevated not less than 18 inches in the absence of regulatory flood elevation data, or to or above the regulatory flood elevation, if established, and that the 1st-floor elevation of nonresidential structures be floodproofed;

(2) require the use of construction materials and utility equipment that are resistant to flood damage;

(3) require the use of construction methods and. practices that will minimize flood damage; and

(4) require that structures be designed or anchored to prevent the flotation, collapse, or lateral movement of the structure or portions of the structure due to flooding.

(c) In reviewing all applications for subdivisions, the office of development planning shall assure that:

(1) all such proposed developments are consistent with the need to minimize flood damage;

(2) subdivision proposals and other proposed new development greater than 5 acres or 50 lots, whichever is lesser, include within such proposals regulatory, flood elevation data in areas designated Zone A;

(3) adequate drainage is provided so as to reduce exposure to flood hazards; and

(4) all public utilities and facilities are located so as to minimize or eliminate flood damage.

(d) In carrying out its authority under the coastal zone management program and here under, the office of development planning shall have the following additional authority to:

(1) delineate or, at the request of the Office of Insurance and Mitigation, to assist that office to delineate the limits of the areas having special flood hazards on available local maps of sufficient -scale to identify the location of building sites;

(2) provide information to and cooperate with the Office of Insurance and Mitigation and all, other federal, territorial, village, and private entities which undertake to study, survey, map, and identify floodplain trees; and

(3) maintain for public inspection and to furnish upon request a record of elevations (in relation to mean sea level) of the lowest floor (including basement) of all new or substantially improved structures located in the special flood-hazard areas.

History: Rule 6-81 (Ex. Ord. 3-1981), eff 17 Jun 81, § 7.