26.0501 Energy efficiency need and policy.

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Because of the total dependence of the Territory of American Samoa on imported oil and the increasing cost-impact of this dependence, there exists a serious need to develop alternate energy sources and at the same time to embark upon a concerted effort to reduce waste in the consumption of energy. Major public and private facilities have been shown to have a significant-impact on our territory’s consumption of energy. The cost of the energy consumed by such facilities has been substantial and is expected to continue its upward spiral. Therefore, energy conservation practices will be adopted for the design, construction, and utilization of such facilities to realize significant reduction in energy use and energy cost, while maintaining efficient operation and services.

The purpose of this chapter is to require the inclusion of energy efficiency standards in building codes.

History: Rule 6-78 (Ex Ord 2-1978) eff 6 Feb 79. § 1.