27.0104 Recommendation basis-Objectives.

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(a) A foremost factor among the priorities which influence recommendations of the commission is the economic contribution, or benefit to the economy of American Samoa, proposed by a new business. Economic contribution means. the direct and indirect benefits received by the community through establishment of the proposed business. Such benefits include employment opportunities to American Samoan residents, potential ASG tax revenues, payroll, capital investments, etc.

(b) The objectives for license review by the commission are not only to promote and establish a more viable private sector economy through establishment of new industrial and commercial activity, but as well to provide an atmosphere in which American Samoan entrepreneurs may enter into business activity in keeping with their increasing capacity to invest in and manage such activities.

(c) The commission recognizes that competition is necessary in a free enterprise system and it will be constantly alert that licensing restrictions not create an overly protective altitude which enables establishment of monopolies, regardless of ownership. The welfare of the American Samoan people will not be sacrificed in pursuing the application of the Economic Development Act and the licensing law.

History: Rule 3-77, eff 14 Sep 77, § 4.