27.0107 Classification of business-Separate licenses.

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A license must be obtained for each separate business activity as defined in the classification set out in this section. No single classification includes any other unless specifically referenced.

(a) Retail outlets: covers retailing only of any merchandise not covered in any of the following classifications;

(b) Wholesale outlet: covers wholesaling only of any merchandise not covered in any of the following classifications;

(c) Professional services: includes doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors, beauticians, accountants, and all other activity which provides a service in which the practitioner is licensed, con trolled, or qualified by passing examinations or by formal acceptance of qualifications by a regulatory agency;

(d) Service organization: includes, with the exception of those in subsection (c) of this section, all other businesses where a fee is paid for service rendered. Transportation is also covered under this caption;

(e) Hotels and restaurants;

(f) Bars, nightclubs, discotheques, taverns, cocktail lounges;

(g) Package liquor sales: includes all outlets, not otherwise licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, who sell packaged alcoholic beverages across the counter;

(h) Automotive sales and services: includes sale of new and used motor vehicles and the provision of repair and maintenance services;

(i) Manufacturing/processing: includes all activities which involve the fabrication, assembly, finishing, processing, or preprocessing of organic or inorganic substances into any product which is intended for wholesale or retail distribution within or outside of the territory of American Samoa. Each such license must specify the product(s);

(j) Printing and publication: includes any performance of the titled activities which is for monetary compensation.

History: Rule 3-77, eff 14 Sep 77, § 7.