27.0210 Purpose-Space distribution- Interagency cooperation.

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(a) All decisions shall be made with a view toward the purpose for which the park was developed, which is to provide a fully serviced area in the territory of American Samoa in which prospective manufacturing and related service establishments. Park space will be provided primarily to international firms which are committed to the establishment of manufacturing facilities in American Samoa.

(b) Without setting rigid and inflexible standards, the commission shall seek to devote normally accepted distribution in industrial parks to manufacturing and related service establishments.

(c) The commission desires to cooperate fully with the office of industrial development and the economic development commission. to make a reality of the above goals for American Samoa. Particularly, the commission shall further consider the standards of 27.0207 (b) ASCA and rules thereunder, and the Environmental Quality Act, 24.0101 ASCA et seq.

History: Rule 4-77, eff 14 Sep 77, § 10.