In order to carry out the responsibilities under this chapter, the director of development planning is authorized to propose to the Governor for his promulgation, pursuant to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 4.10 ASCA, such rules as may be necessary and proper for the effective implementation and administration of this chapter and the policies hereunder established. The director shall also have authority to review and approve all contract documents and awards, progress payments to contractors, requests for draw- downs of CDBG funds from letters of credit, the determination of final costs in all CDBG project closeouts, and to take and require such actions as the director deems necessary and appropriate to ensure that all CDBG funds are obligated, expended, and accounted for in accordance with all applicable federal laws and regulations. Pursuant to this authority, the director may require written reports and copies of records of other departments, offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of the ASG pertaining to the CDBG program or the use of CDBG funds.

History: Rule 14-80 (Ex. Ord. 5-1980), eff 28 Ju1 80, § 3.