The board may refuse any applicant if it has reasonable grounds to believe:

(1) that the granting of a license in the locality set out in the application is not consistent with public interest or convenience; proposed location within 50 yards of any public school, private school authorized by the director of education, or church is prima facie evidence of inconsistency with public interest or convenience;

(2) that any applicant to sell for consumption on the premises has been financed or furnished with money or property or has any connection with a member or members of the board;

(3) that the applicant has been convicted at any time of a felony;

(4) that the applicant has maintained a noisy, lewd, disorderly, or unsanitary establishment;

(5) that the applicant did not have a previous good record of compliance with the alcoholic beverage laws of American Samoa and the rules of the board;

(6) that the applicant is not eligible under the provisions of 27.0505;

(7) that the applicant is unable to understand the alcoholic beverage control laws of American Samoa or rules of the board pursuant thereto;

(8) that the applicant is substantially under the direction and control, through family or other relationship, of mother person, whether an individual, a member of a partnership, joint venture, or similar entity or an owner of a corporation connected with the refused original license or a revoked or suspended license;

(9) the applicant has failed to meet any other requirement determined ; necessary by the board.

History: Alc. Bev. Con. Ed. Regs. eff prior to 1975, § 2-04; and Rule 11-79, eff 13 Dec 79, § 7.