27.0520 Licensee’s responsibility.

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Licensees are at all times responsible for the conduct of their business and are at all times directly responsible for any act or conduct of any employee which is in violation of Chapter 27.05 A.S.C.A., or the rules of the board, whether the licensee is present at any such time or not. This section is defined to mean that any unlawful, unauthorized, or prohibited act on the part of any agent or employee shall be construed as the act of the employer and the employer shall be proceeded against as though he were present and had an active part in such unlawful, unauthorized, or prohibited act and as if the act has been at the employer’s direction and with his knowledge.

History: Alc. Bev. Con. Bd. Regs., eff prior to 1975, § 4-01;and Rule 11-79, eff 13 Dec 79,§ 9.