As used in this article :

(1) “accurate” means a piece of equipment that meets the performance or value within the applicable tolerances and other performance requirements;

(2) “commercially used”, “commercial usage”, and “commercial use” means both retail and wholesale transactions;

(3) “computing scale” means one that indicates the money values of amounts of commodity weight, at predetermined unit prices, through all or part of the weighing range of the scale;

(4) “correct” means that a piece of equipment is correct when, in addition to being accurate, it meets all applicable specification requirements;

(5) “director” means the director of the consumer protection bureau;

(6) “suitability” means that a piece of commercial equipment is suitable for the service in which it is used with respect to elements of its design.

History: Rule 7-76, eff 19 act 76, § 3; and Rule 4-87, eff 21 Apr 87.