This article shall apply to packages and to commodities in package form, but shall not apply to:

(1) inner wrappings not intended to be individually sold to the customer;

(2) shipping containers or wrapping used solely for the transportation of any commodities in bulk or in quantity to manufacturers, packers, or processors, or to wholesale or retail distributors, but in no event shall this exclusion apply to packages of consumer or nonconsummer commodities, as defined in this article;

(3) auxiliary containers or outer wrappings used to deliver packages of such commodities to retail customers if such containers or wrappings bear no printed matter pertaining to any particular commodity;

(4) containers used for retail tray pack displays when the container itself is not in tended to be sold (e.g., the tray that is used to display individual envelopes of seasonings, gravies, etc. and the tray itself is not intended to be sold); or

(5) open carriers and transparent wrappers or carriers for containers when the wrappers or carriers do not bear any written, printed, or graphic matter obscuring the label information required by this article.

History: Rule 6-76, eff 19 Oct 76, §2.