27.0667 Fruit juice and imitation beverages- Drinking water.

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Single-strength and less than single-strength fruit juice beverages, imitations thereof, and drinking water:

(1) when packaged in glass, plastic, or fluid- milk-type paper containers of 8-fluid-ounce and 64-fluid-ounce capacity, are exempt from the requirements of 27.0626(a)(2) to the extent that net contents of 8 fluid ounces and 64 fluid ounces (or 2 quarts) may be expressed as 1/2 pint (or half pint) and 1/2 gallon (or half gallon), respectively;

(2) when packaged in glass, plastic, or fluid- milk-type-paper containers of I-pint, l-quart, and l/2-gallon capacities, are exempt from the dual net contents declaration requirements of 27.0629(b):

(3) when packaged in glass or plastic containers of 1/2-pint, 1-pint, l-quart, 1/2gallon, and l-gallon capacities, are exempt from the placement requirement of 27.0640 that the declaration of net contents be located within the bottom 30% of the principal display panel; provided. that other required label information is conspicuously displayed on the cap or outside closure and the required net quantity of contents declaration is conspicuously blown, formed, or molded into, or permanently applied to, that part of the glass or plastic container that is at or above the shoulder of the container.

History: Rule 6-76, eff 19 Oct 76, § 53.