(a) Paints, varnishes, lacquers, thinners, removers, oils, resins, and solvents, when packaged in l-liquid-pint and l-liquid-quart units, shall be exempt from the dual quantity declaration requirements of 27.0629(b).

(b) Tint base paint may be labeled on the principal display panel, as required by this article, in terms of a quart or a gallon including the addition of colorant selected by the purchaser; provided, that the system employed ensures that the purchaser always obtains a quart or a gallon; and further provided, that in conjunction with the required quantity statement on the principal display panel, a statement indicating that the tint base paint is not to be sold without the addition of colorant is presented; and further provided, that the contents of the container, before the addition of colorant, is stated in fluid ounces elsewhere on the label. Wherever the conditions set out in this section cannot be met, containers of tint base paint must be labeled with a statement of the actual net contents prior to the addition of colorant in full accord with all the requirements of this article.

History: Rule 6-76, eff 19 Oct 76, § 65.