27.0711 Regulations governing licenses.

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(a) A licensee shall import agriculture produce in the minimum and maximum amounts, based on weight, number of packaged units, and/or other reasonable criteria established by the board, on a periodic basis determined by the board. If a licensee’s shipment will not meet existing board requirements, notification must be given to the board by the Friday prior to the intended shipment week. For purposes of this section, agriculture produce means taro, ta’amu, bananas, and other fruits and vegetables designated by the board.

(b) All agriculture produce imported must be sold at a place in American Samoa covered by a valid agriculture produce license. The board may periodically determine and order that licensed areas will exclude the public market and immediately adjacent public areas in Fagatogo, based on the availability of agriculture produce produced in American Samoa according to reasonable standards of quality and quantity.

(c) All agriculture produce imported pursuant to a license approved by the board must be sold at a reasonable margin of profit.

(d) All agriculture produce must be weighed with an approved or certified two-faced scale at time of sale.

(e) All im ports must be certificate required by the quarantine regulations.

(f) Each licensee is to actively and personally participate in selling imported agriculture produce. If a licensee cannot comply with this requirement, the licensee must designate to the board the person(s) authorized to sell produce for the licensee.

History: Rule 3-82, eff 12 May 82, § 11; and Rule 12-82, eff 27 Jan 83, §2.