(a) “Pig-farmer” is one who operates a piggery of not less than 5 sows for the first 3 years, and 7 sows years thereafter in a confined area of not less than 6-8 square feet per adult pig.

(b) Requirements.

(1) A piggery must be provided with adequate water supply of not more than 20 pigs per water faucet, with a feeding area or space, whether with concrete floor or its equivalent on a ratio of one pig per square foot.

(2) A piggery must be provided with adequate shelter to keep pigs dry during stormy weather and require, in addition, a septic tank. (c) Fig farmer must provide a record (see Attachment Sample A, set out at the end of this chapter) at the end of each month as a prerequisite to the subsidy’ benefit for the succeeding month.

History: Rule 2-83, eff 7 Mar 83, § 1.