As used in these rules and in proceedings brought under these rules, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

(a) The terms “advertisement”, “campaign treasurer”, “candidate”, “commission”, “committee”, “contribution”, “election”, “expenditure”, “house bulletin”, “news paper”, “office”, and “person” shall have the same meaning as set forth 6.1701 ASCA for each term.

(b) “Campaign employee” means any person who, with or without compensation, at the request of the candidate or his representative performs services related to the candidate’s campaign.

(c) “Commissioner” means a member of the campaign spending commission.

(d) “Communications media” means radio and television broadcasting stations intended for direct reception by the general public, including a community antenna television system, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising facilities of a type customarily leased to commercial advertisers, and the cost of telephones, paid telephonists, and” automatic telephone equipment used to communicate with potential voters.

(e) “Complainant” means a person who alleges in writing under oath that a violation of the law administered by the commission has occurred. He shall not be a party of record.

(f) “Defective or deficient report” means a report which is illegible, improperly filed, or a report containing omissions or mistakes which have not been corrected.

(g) “Financial depository”, “campaign depository”, “registered depository” and similar terms mean any corporation lawfully carrying on business in the territory as a bank, trust, investment company, savings and loan association, or similar institution organized to receive and accumulate funds and reported in accordance with 6.1706 ASCA.

(h) “Last preceding general election ” means the last preceding general election, whether or not the particular office sought by the candidate appeared on the ballot and taking into consideration any intervening reapportionment.

(i) “Presiding officer” means the chairman of the commission or other person presiding at any commission meeting or hearing as determined by the commission.

(j) “Printing” includes any process ltsed to produce campaign materials such as

photo-offset, multilith, computerized letters and mailing lists, magnetic card typewriters, photocopies, etc.

(k) ,”Required report” means any report filed with the commission: in accordance with commission Rule 4, 5, and 7.

(1) “Respondent” means the person allegedly violating the law administered by the commission or any rule adopted by it.

(m) “Staff investigative attorney” means the attorney general or his attorney designee who shall investigate complaints for the commission and to present evidence in support of a complaint in a contested case.

(n) “Violation in reporting” means failure to file a required report or to”comply with a commission request to complete”or correct a deficient report.

Other terms are defined as required in special rules governing particular proceedings and shall have that meaning whenever; used or referred to in rules adopted by the commission. Words in the masculine gender signify; both masculine and feminine. Those in the singular or plural number signify both the singular and plural.

History: Rule 1-85.eff 2~May 85, §l.3.