(a) Office. The offices of the commission are in the Office of the Chief, Election Officer or other address at which the commission may be located from time to time. Unless, otherwise specifically directed, all communication; to the commission may be sent by mail to the Campaign Spending Commission, Pago Pago, American Samoa, 96799, or may be hand carried to the offices, of the commission.

(b) Hours. The offices of the commission are open from 8:00 a.m.to 4:30 p.m. of each weekday, unless otherwise provided by statute or executive order.

(c) Meetings. The commission meets and exercises its powers in any part of the territory

of American Samoa. Meetings may be called by the chairman or 3 or more members upon notice of the other members of the commission. All of its meetings and hearings, except probable cause hearings under 6.1722, ASCA, are open to the public.

(d) Quorum, Three commissioners constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the commission’s business. When a quorum is in attendance, action may be taken by the commission upon a vote of the majority of all commissioners.

(e) Action by Commissioners. The commission in the discharge of any of its duties, or the exercise of any of its powers, may act through one or more of its members, agents, or employees

designated by the commission for that purpose.

(f) Manner of Voting. An accurate record of votes and actions taken at any commission meeting shall be set forth in the minutes. Final action on adoption of rules, advisory opinions, disposition of complaints, and commission investigations shall be by roll call.

(g) Chief Election Officer. The Chief Election Officer shall have charge of the commission’s official records and shall be responsible for the maintenance and custody of the files and records of the commission, including the papers, transcripts of testimony and exhibits filed in proceedings, the minutes of all actions taken by the commission, and all its rulings, advisory opinions, decisions, rules, and approved forms. The Chief Election Officer and any person acting for him under his authority or under the authority of the commission shall receive all documents required to be filed with the commission and shall promptly stamp the time and date upon papers filed with the commission.

(h) Appearance Before the Commission. All parties to a proceeding shall appear in person or by a representative before the commission, provided that an officer or regular employee may appear on behalf of an association or corporation and a general partner may appear on behalf of a partnership.

History: Rule 1-85 eff. 2 May 85. § 1.4.