(a) The term “public record” means any written or printed report, book or paper, map or plan or the territory or its’ respective Subdivisions and boards, which is the property thereof, and in or on which an entry has been made or is required to be made by law, or which any public, officer or emp1oyee has received or is required to receive for filing, but shall not include records which invade the right of privacy of an individual, and shall include all rules, written statements of policy, or interpretations forn1ulated, adopted, or used by the commission (not including advisory opinions prior to deletion of identifying information), all final decisions and orders, minutes of commission meetings, and any other material filed with the commission unless accorded confidential treatment under the law or the rules of the commission.

(b) Confidential Records: The request for and advisory opinion shall be treated as confidential information. Advisory opinion shall be public records after identifying information is deleted. The filing of the complaint; all investigation and’ hearing material, and any probable cause hearing shall be confidential in compliance with 6.1622 ASCA unless the person complained of requests an open session.

(c) Inspection and Copies of Public Records. All public records shall be available for inspection in the commission’s office as provided in 3 ASC 1989. Copies of pub1ic records will be furnished to any person upon request and upon payment of the fee of $0.25 a page.

(d) The public may obtain information on matters relating to the campaign spending commission and the law it administers by inquiring during regular business hours at the offices of the commission or by submitting a written request to the commission.

History: Rule l-85, eff 2 May 85. § 1.5.