(a) Copies of the code will be available from the commission at the office of the Chief Election Officer.

(b) A candidate who elects to conduct his campaign in accordance with the code may furnish the commission 2 signed copies of the code at any time on or after the day he becomes a candidate.

(c) For the duration of the campaign for which it is applicable, the commission will retain the signed copy of the code on file and check its file against the list of candidates as determined by the Chief Election Officer as provided in 6.0301(d) ASCA. If a candidate has not endorsed the code, the commission will solicit his participation.

(d) Whether a candidate has endorsed the code will be public information available on request from the commission office. Ten days prior to any election, the commission shall issue a list of candidates who have not endorsed the code for that campaign; except in the first gubernatorial election 8 Nov 77 the list will be issued 3 days prior to the election.

History: Rule 1-85, eff 2 May 85, § 2.2.